A production floor-space of 2500 qm accommodates a modern machine park, including spray machines, CNC routing machines, lacquering booths, surface grinding machines and polishing machines

Technical information sheet

The surface coatings fulfil the following product requirements in accordance with DIN 68861/part 1B and DIN 68930: Chemical resistance, scratch behavior, cross-hatch test, light fastness and behavior in dry and humid heat.

Toxologisches Gutachten

Zertifikat Peter Lacke

Routing Shapes & Dimensions

Flexibility and customer service are the hallmarks of Wolter Lackfronten. We realise customer requirements from part 1. Any – technically feasible – dimensions are possible and special routing is also always available on enquiry. We manufacture new door shapes based on a provided sample door or in cooperation with the customer.

The standard fronts under „Products“ refer to the routing shape and specification – the dimensions are freely selectable.

Decor Parts

We manufacture all decor parts such as bases, side panels, shelf pats, crown mouldings, light mouldings, pilasters, decor sides, etc. to customer specifications and drawings in exact piece counts.

Of course, decor parts can also be supplied for lacquering by the customer.


A qualified team of 30 employees ensures the smooth realisation of customer requirements. The strong emphasis on quality assurance both in lacquered front manufacturing and subcontracted lacquer finishing for individual and object-specific orders ensures that even the highest quality requirements can be fulfilled

Color palette ...

… is updated annually. If the desired color is not included, it can be obtained by submitting a sample or a color card (RAL, NCS, Sikkens, etc.).

We retain a remainder of the original color approach so that there are no color differences in the event of failure or damage.

“Our standard colors are available in four surface types: high gloss (ground and polished),

Micro SL, Satin and Supermatt. There are always enough of these in stock.”

Color palette


Flexibility and customer service are among the strengths of Wolter Lackfronten.

Well-known companies from the kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture sector such as Siematic, Poggenpohl, HUMMEL, Beckermann, INTERLÜBKE, Eggersmann etc. appreciate the reliability and know-how.